Top Star provide top class distribution and transportation service to our client, our logistic chain is create efficient and flexible,we can deliver goods to each point of china on a safe, stable, efficient, timely, and accurate basis.

Our service include
-Transportation solution design and implementation

-Warehouse layout design and stock optimization

-Global and domestic distribution

Top Star has our own warehouse in Shanghai、Beijing and Shenzhen
1.Shanghai Warehouse
Shanghai warehouse is located in Pudong Area which area is 1500 square meters, we offers full range of logistics and value-addon services to meet requirements of clients
2.Beijing Warehouse
Beijing warehouse is located in Shunyi Area which area is 1500 square meters and short distance to airport.we offers full range of logistics service in 24 hours a day
3.Shenzhen Warehouse
Shenzhen warehouse is located in the Yantian  Port which area is 1500 square meters,we provide goods transit service and FCL、LCLservice

Customs Brokerage/ Consolidation/ Warehousing/ Pick & Pack Customized Special Package General Cargo/ D.G Cargo/ Aog Cargo/  Oog Cargo Public Bidding Project/ Transnational Transportation Exhibition Cargo Import And Export Personal Luggage / Movement Ro-Ro ServiceCross Trade/ Insurance/Hand Carry ServicesPerishable/    Live Animal